"Abundance is scooped from abundance yet abundance remains." - Anne Sexton


I am blessed with amazing parents that gave me an unshakeable foundation filled with truth and love; this has helped me in all aspects of my life. I have lost loved ones, withstood challenges, persevered through heartbreak and walked with my friends going through unbearable circumstances. As an eternal optimist I look at things as a growing experience; as hard as it is in the moment, when it passes, I grow. Hard lessons were learned (sometimes taking many situations of the same issue) and ultimately molded my character into whom I wanted to become. I know to my core that the work I am doing is my calling. I have been married for over 20 years to Christopher and we have three children.


Fitness and Health have always been part of my life. I participated in all sorts of sports as a kid. I always had a dream of being in the Olympics or playing a sport professionally when I grew up. After high school and organized sports, I never stopped working out and I have always been active.  After the kids I thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself and enter a bodybuilding competition.  This proved to be one of the hardest things I have ever done both physically and mentally. Pictured is me with one of my amazing Coaches, David Esparza. Our team name was 3D, standing for Desire, Determination and Discipline. I learned so much under his leadership. (Find out more in chapter 1 of my book!)


My passion for business and finance started young. I remember the endless summer days setting up lemonade stands with my brother, mowing the neighbor’s lawn and having my own babysitting club. In high school, I had an amazing teacher that taught me about business and finance. After my first mock stock portfolio and hearing about stocks from my Grandpa, I was hooked on figuring out how to make this into a career. I knew entrepreneurship, personal finance and investing was just what I wanted to do.

The summer after graduating high school in the Greater Seattle area, I met Chris and a year later we were married. I moved from the big city to a tiny town on the Oregon Coast and went to work for a local bank. Looking back at those banking days I moved up quickly, going from Teller, to Personal Banker, to Assistant Loan Officer and then found my passion with the Investment Center. I loved it! I remember following the Financial Adviser around asking questions and could not learn fast enough. With only an associate’s degree, they trained me; I was eager and had the right attitude. They sent me to school and I passed all my securities license exams before I was 21 years old!

I live in a small community and it only took about three years to hit the glass ceiling. In 2000, I was recruited by a financial services company out of Portland, I saw it as a chance to do what I love and be my own boss. I didn’t have kids at the time and my husband was supportive so I put in my resignation and went for it. Yes I was scared and filled with fear but I knew it was the right choice. I worked hard at it and found success; within a couple years I was a top producer in Oregon. To me it has always been about helping people win with money. I have a passion to help others by inspiring them to really change their behaviors to pursue abundance and financial freedom.

Today, my company has grown to a staff to cover our 6 locations in Oregon and SW Washington, such as Newport, Oregon, Salem, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

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